Are you an entrepreneur or professional engaged in a non-profit?


Have you been working for a few years? Looking to get ahead and make a mark in the digital media industry?

Perhaps you’re in a position that isn’t challenging you anymore. Or maybe you’re looking to specialize and stand out from the competition in your next job interview or performance review.

Seneca SoMe offers you the specialized social and digital media skills you need to surpass the competition. With a curriculum developed by leading professionals currently working in the field, we know what it takes to get to the top in the digital media industry. With courses on Friday and Saturday, you can even keep your job while you complete your certificate.

As the only accredited social media graduate certificate program in North America, you’ll be among the first few trained in the specific skills employers are looking for. Seneca SoMe offers graduates the strategic and technical skills that employers need in management roles.

Are you ready for an exciting career in digital and social media?

We’d love to help you. Apply today!


Have you been working for a few years but want to get ahead? Ready to make your mark in the social media landscape?


Did you launch a new business and want to harness the power of social media to sell your service or product? Seneca SoMe offers you the opportunity to learn from industry leaders who have helped businesses go from obscurity to household name through digital media.

Or maybe you’re a nonprofit professional looking to make a big difference in your community with limited budget. Seneca SoMe offers you the strategic and technical skills to leverage social media to build awareness, create relationships with donors and execute fundraising campaigns.

We know you’re busy — that’s why Seneca SoMe offers a flexible schedule with classes on Friday and Saturday.

Apply today and you’ll learn how to grow your organization through digital media, execute successful campaigns and measure results. Yes, there will be results — and return on investments.

Are you ready to grow your organization on digital media?

We’d love to help you. Apply today!


Are you a recent grad looking to enhance your career?

Are you a recent grad looking to enhance your career?

Are you a recent grad looking to jumpstart your career in digital media?

So you majored in philosophy, English, neuroscience or toxicology. You may be confused as to how your academic skills will lend themselves to a career, never mind a career that’s interesting AND pays the bills.

Do you find yourself thinking of new and exciting ways for companies as well as nonprofits can use social media to spread the word? Are you interested in how organizations can use digital media to its maximum potential?

If you’re looking for an exciting career in digital and social media, Seneca SoMe offers you the hands-on experience that employers in the field are demanding in new hires. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with leading industry professionals to develop an impressive portfolio.

We know that money can be tight, that’s why classes take place on Fridays and Saturdays so you can keep your day job. Seneca SoMe is also eligible for OSAP.

And in case you’re wondering — digital and social media is a fast-paced industry that requires both creativity and technical skills. This isn’t your boring desk job.

Are you ready for an exciting career in digital and social media?

We’d love to help you. Apply today!


The economy of the Internet: Distributed, we stand

Internet = Connectivity

The Internet is an incredible facilitator.  It helps humans find information, form groups around common interests, and do commerce.  But the Internet is not a library, not a coffee shop, not a store; it’s just a network.  But it’s a network that industrious people use to connect with each other.  This function in itself is what makes the Internet the defining technology of our age.

Distributed – Connected – Associated

In his video on network literacy, prof. Howard Rheingold explains why the Internet is so powerful (Rheingold).  Despite the technology, it turns out – it’s us!  The greatness of the Internet is mostly in that it connects lots of people.  And when people connect, stuff gets generated.  People make the Internet the greatest innovations incubator ever.  That’s social capital: The ease with which people can form groups.  The key is all people are free to access the network equally.  This is the condition under which creativity thrives on the Internet.

people circleOpen to all

What Rheingold wants us to think about is: What does the Internet become if it’s not structured openly, so anyone can connect to anyone?  The Internet fundamentally is a commons – a place to meet, exchange and flourish.  Imagine what the Internet becomes if a small number of powerful organizations control the connectivity.  The Internet would become a series of portals to access directories of corporate services.  You’d still get everything you needed, but you’d get it through organized commerce.  And you wouldn’t get the same creative laboratory that exists under the Internet as a commons.

The new economy

The beauty about the Internet is, by offering connectivity, it sustains and encourages human activity.  The beauty about it being a commons is that everyone can collaborate with anyone.  The beauty about the Net is the potential for small businesses to support one another, for people to buy from people, on their own terms and therefore bypassing bureaucracy, institutions or multinationals.

If the Net can’t be an open commons, then what worth would it have as a network?

Do you want your Internet experience to look like this web of connections?  Or do you want a line connecting your node to a dozen corporate portals?

Do you want your Internet experience to look like this web of connections? Or do you want a line connecting your node to a dozen corporate portals?


Rheingold, Howard.  “Network Literacy” YouTube. Howard Rheingold: 13 Feb. 2011.  Online video. 27 Sept. 2013.

Ninjas vs. Professionals

There was once a time where anyone who could sign up for an account on Facebook could call him or herself a social media expert. Better yet, they’d call themselves social media “ninjas” or “mavens” despite lacking professional skills and experience. Today, most recruiters and hiring managers are interested in finding professionals that can use social media strategically and deliver results.

But the myth that anyone that can use social media, can use it professionally, still persists. That’s why we created this infographic detailing why organizations should be looking for social media professionals rather than so-called “ninjas”.

SenecaSoMe Ninjas vs Professionals

Flexible Weekend (Fri/Sat) Classes

At Seneca, we recognize your busy lifestyle and have created a program just for you!

SenecaSoMe is a Ministry-accredited Social Media Graduate Certificate Program in Ontario. In fact, there is currently no other graduate certificate program like this in Canada! This FULL-TIME program runs from September – April on Fridays and Saturdays. Yes this is NOT a typo! You can keep working AND still be in the full-time Social Media program.